5 Reasons Why People Are Becoming Obese

5 resons why people are becoming obese

If there is one true thing about the way we were compared to the way we are, it is that we are getting bigger. If you were to compare an American male from fifty years ago to the average American male in modern times, you would see that we are about an inch or two taller and that we are about twenty-five to thirty pounds heavier.

When people ask why we are getting fatter, it is not a simple question that has a single answer. You have a broad range of factors that have helped to contribute to the ever-expanding waistline of the average person. For this post, we are going to take a look at a few of the reasons why people are becoming obese.

1. Food Availability

Food availability is greater than it has ever been. Between modern agriculture’s ability to produce more food, and modern logistics making it possibility to transport foods quickly, we have more people that have a greater access to a greater variety of foods.

For the most part, this has been a good thing. However, when you have more people with better access to more food, it is going to lead to more people being overweight. As a further point, it is not always the best quality food that becomes easily available. Foods that are high in fat and sugar tend to be some of the most available.

2. Modern Agriculture

Increased food availability is just one of the ways that modern agriculture has contributed to the problems with more people being obese and overweight. Within modern agriculture, you have a range of practices that have also helped to create foods that are more likely to contribute to problems with weight gain.

When it comes to meat production, animals like chickens, pigs and cows may eat food that will have a range of additives. It could be hormones, antibiotics or various amino acids. These additives help to make plumper stock that will bear more meat, but they often stay behind in the meat and have the same effect on the humans that consume it.

3. Less Activity

It is a simple fact that we are less active than we used to be. There are fewer and fewer jobs that require serious physical exertion, and our out of work behaviors tend to require less activity than they used to. In years past, people might have walked down to the neighborhood store if they needed something. In the modern day, we choose to drive even if it is a short distance. Even something like online shopping has taken some activity out of our lives.

4. Eating Habits

Our eating habits have even changed. In the past, people would eat three meals a day, and snacking was something that was only done once in a while. Now we eat our three meals, and it is very common to snack in between. For some people, eating has even become a pastime. You might find that you have some time to kill, so you grab a bowl of ice cream or eat a bag of chips.

5. Food Quality

Along with a greater availability of good foods, we also have a greater availability of low quality foods. Many people try to be conscious of food quality, but for one reason or another, they find that they are always going back to unhealthy choices. If you are in a hurry, you might have a tendency to go for foods that are quick and cheap. You also have issues with poorer people only being able to afford lower quality processed foods. Whatever the reason may be, low quality food can contribute to problems with being overweight or obese.

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