5 Signs Your Are Not Eating Enough Calories

5 Signs Your Are Not Eating Enough Calories

5 Signs Your Are Not Eating Enough Calories

When people think about losing weight, one of the first ideas they have is to dramatically reduce the number of calories in their diet. While cutting calories can be a way to lose weight, there are some problems that can occur when a person reduces their daily intake of calories below a certain point.

Even if you are trying to lose weight, your body still needs a minimum baseline of calories to continue fueling the cells and various systems in the body. If your daily intake drops below a certain level, it can have serious effects on the body, and it can even work against your goals of losing weight.


If you start to have regular problems with constipation, this could be a sign that you are not getting enough calories. In some of the more simple cases, it could just be that in cutting calories, you also cut out too much of your dietary fiber. However, there are some complex issues that can occur when the body experiences an extreme lack of calories. In some cases, a lack of calories can affect the balance of hormones in the body, and this can result in symptoms like constipation.

Constant Hunger

When you eat less, you are going to experience more hunger. That is going to happen when your intake of food is reduced. However, when you are not getting enough calories, it is more than just feeling hungry more often; you are likely to feel hungry all the time. You’ll feel hungry even right after you finish a meal. You might find that you can’t stop thinking about food. If the feeling of hunger is near constant, and you never feel satisfied, then it is a sign that you are not getting enough calories.

You Don’t Lose Weight

You cut calories to lose weight. That makes sense, and it seems intuitive that the more you cut calories, the quicker the weight loss should be. While that does seem like the way it should be, that is not always the way that it is. When you reduce your intake of calories too dramatically, your metabolism can shift into a preservation mode. In this situation, your metabolism slows down in an attempt to hold on to as many calories as possible.

A Lack of Energy

Calories are the fuel source for the body, so it only makes sense that cutting too many calories are going to make you feel lethargic. When you reduce your daily intake of calories beyond a certain point, your body has to allocate the available calories to the most important functions. Without enough calories to support functions and activity that goes beyond the bare necessities, you are going to feel lazy and tired.


Even if you are not dieting, you have probably experienced a situation where you were more irritable as a result of not eating. When you cut calories dramatically, you are likely to be much more irritable and easier to anger. What makes this worse is that it is not just associated with a single instance of being hungry. When you are continually depriving your body of the necessary calories, this irritability is going to be a more constant feature.

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