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Yes, according to a three-month study done at the Jean Mayer U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston.

The researchers put 27 middle-aged or older men and women with high LDL cholesterol (the bad guy) on a low fat diet (15% calories from … Read More

Why a Low-Carb Diet is Great For Weight Loss
If you are trying to lose weight, you may have come across all sorts of diet plans that offer a path to success. Among the different concepts for diet and weight loss, you have probably heard of low-carb diets, but you may … Read More

The Importance of Protein In Your Diet

Getting enough protein is a fundamental part of having a healthy diet. Every cell in your body has protein, and it is essential for building things like bone, muscle, skin, cartilage and more. If the body is lacking protein, it can actually start processing … Read More

How To Increase Fiber Intake

One of the tricks to having a successful weight loss plan is to achieve altering the diet in a way that will result in the desired weight loss, while maintaining the right balance of nutrients in the diet. Without proper attention to nutrition, your health can … Read More

How Much Fiber Does the Body Need

We all know that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet, but few people really concern themselves with getting enough fiber. In fact, most people get far less fiber than they need, and this problem can get even worse when a person … Read More

5 Signs Your Are Not Eating Enough Calories

When people think about losing weight, one of the first ideas they have is to dramatically reduce the number of calories in their diet. While cutting calories can be a way to lose weight, there are some problems that can occur when a … Read More

5 Reasons Why People Are Becoming Obese

If there is one true thing about the way we were compared to the way we are, it is that we are getting bigger. If you were to compare an American male from fifty years ago to the average American male in modern … Read More

The rates of overweight and obese Americans have steadily increased over the years. With the condition of being overweight or obese, a person is much more likely to experience a range of different health concerns. Even being minimally overweight can have a dramatic effect on a person’s cardiovascular health, joint … Read More

Obesity is now considered a disease – not a moral failing. According to a new report from the Institute of Medicine, “obesity is a heterogeneous disease in which genetic, environmental, psychological, and other factors are involved. It occurs when energy intake exceeds the amount of energy expended over time. Only … Read More

If you really want to drop those unwanted pounds, starving yourself is definitely not the best course of action. Research is showing that by skimping on your food intake too much, you can actually defeat your purpose. When your body doesn’t receive an adequate number of calories, especially in the … Read More